Expeditionary Infrastructure

Expeditionary Infrastructure

GDL has the capability to design supply, erect, commission and support rapidly deployable solutions to meet Customers infrastructure requirements in both Defence and Humanitarian Aid scenarios. These solutions are typically based on integrating appropriately equipped modular Containerized Units with the required utilities and communications networks. The Containerized Units supplied by GDL are produced and tailored as required to the Customer's needs by its Associate Company GEDON. GDL has experience of providing solutions incorporating a wide range of such modular elements ranging from Operations facilities (Command centres, Briefing Rooms etc), through Admin Offices, Workshops etc to Personnel Support units (Accommodation, Ablutions, Kitchens, Barbers etc) all underpinned by compatible supporting equipment such as generators, water storage/purifiers, air-conditioning units etc. Whilst its experience includes participating in the Mission Planning process it is also adept at providing ad hoc solutions on a collaborative working basis.

Where the benefits of modular, re-deployable solutions - such as GEDON's Plasfloor structures - to infrastructure requirements are outweighed by other factors, for example where the deployment is not "Expeditionary" in nature, GDL can draw on its proven ability to design, provide and support permanent facilities including roads, parking lots and helipads using more conventional means.


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