Track Record

Your Partner of Choice…Providing Operational Logistics Support to the Armed Forces of the World!

Track Record

Your Partner of Choice…Providing Operational Logistics Support to the Armed Forces of the World!

For over 3 decades, the companies and agents of GLOBAL DEFENSE LOGISTICS (GDL) Group have built a strong reputation for providing superior levels of operational logistics support to the armed forces of the world.  This reputation has been built one contract/operation at a time by exceeding customer quality expectations at a best value cost.  GDL's performance has engendered a level of trust among the military's we serve, a trust which is the hallmark of our company and jealously guarded by all members of the team.  Military experience runs deep in the background of our leadership, we have been the customer!

We take pride in continuing the military bonds forged by conquering the challenges of forward deployment.  Whether the mission involves military force, peace keeping, humanitarian operations, exercises, or routine operations, GDL stands ready to be your partner of choice.

In 2013, three well-established military logistic providers in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region made the decision to combine expertise and strengths in order to provide more unified and standardized, yet flexible, services to forward deployed military forces while continuing to focus on their core strength of providing husbanding services to maritime forces.  Thus Global Defense Logistics (GDL) was born.  Reading the headlines and recognizing the need for service based on integrity and quality worldwide, GDL initiated teaming agreements with well-established and renowned companies worldwide.  These companies, which shared its values of transparent operations and superior quality with a customer first attitude, integrated to establish a Group with global reach, customer-oriented efficiency, and a trustworthy network.

From commercial ships...

Over several decades, the members of the GLOBAL DEFENSE LOGISTICS (GDL) Group have developed and enhanced both their individual and collective knowledge and capabilities in providing the finest quality husbanding services to all classes of commercial ships.  The now global presence of the founding associates provides a network of experts in port agency services and port operations at local and regional levels with widely recognized best of industry, customer focused services and working practices. Navy Fleets

Beginning in the early 1980s, deployed Navies sought an expanded level of support from professional ship husbanding/chandler companies.  Subsequently GDL's founders focused on the optimization of support services offered in Black Sea and Mediterranean ports.  They were awarded numerous local, and then gradually regionalized, port services contracts for a vast majority of NATO through NAMSA (now NSPA), US and Western Navy ships. They strongly contributed to sustainment of operations (first and second Iraqi wars, KFOR and Libya); they provided the maritime logistic support for humanitarian relief missions (Turkish Earthquake in 1999, sea-born evacuation from Libya in 2011), and for multinational exercises (Sea Breeze 2004 to 2009 inUkraine).  Network members delivered similar logistic support services worldwide at both the local and regional level.  Customers included US and various local and Western Navies for maritime operations, routine port calls, and exercises (Talisman Sabre 2013 inAustralia).  Shortly after its consolidation, the GDL Group won the NAPA Port Services Contract for the North Sea (as of 1st January 2014) and has recently won an award from Maersk Lines to support contractor operated USNS ships in South America.From nuclear powered aircraft carriers to submarines, we have the experience and expertise to provide flawless service.

Expanding logistic support to Army and Air Force

To meet an increasing level of requests from customer militaries, GDL recognized the need to expanded service offerings beyond maritime forces.  Focusing on a broad range of logistics support requirements of multinational, joint, and national ground and air operations, they sought to design and deliver proprietary drive-away/fly-away self-contained modular systems in support of camp set-up and operation.  These modules included workshop, office, berthing, and food service units.  These units permit GDL to set-up, operate, and breakdown base camps it reduced timeframes as well as provide service opportunities not previous available to troops in the field.

Execution of these OOTW contracts has ranged from USAF Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2001 to US Army Rapid Trident 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Ukraine, US-Romanian ROMEX 2005 (2600 personnel), the US-Bulgarian Immediate Response exercise 2006 in Bulgaria ( Reference Letter ) .  Additionally, GDL set up and operated a humanitarian camp in Pakistan following the floods of 2010 and a GDL network member successfully provided seven-month non-stop comprehensive operational logistic support to the French Air Force (450 personnel) in Crete during the Arab Spring in support of Operation Unified Protector (2011).

Global Defense Logistic Group

GDL Group offers a unique combination of assets, experience, partnerships, and strengths coupled with unique global coverage to both its military and commercial customers enabling it to deliver tailored, flexible, dedicated, and cost-effective services.  Contact us and experience the difference GDL can make in your operations.


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