GDL was born in 2013 when three well-established in their respective field companies and long-term partners decided to join their forces and bestow their experience and expertise on a single entity that would be ideally positioned to offer a comprehensive package of afloat support and naval logistics services.

GEDVEC S.A. originated in 1997 and is a leading ISO-certified provider of defense logistics based in Constanta, Romania. Both companies share common shareholder and leadership structure, while their founders and owners demonstrate more than 25 years of valuable experience in servicing navy and commercial fleets.

GDL incorporates GEDVEC's experience and adds its network of service providers now reaching a global coverage.


GDL, Str. Belsugului No.7, Constanta, 900206, Romania
+40 341 88 00 11
+40 341 88 00 13


Available upon request

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