Cruise Lines

Cruise Lines

Consolidating many years of experience of its member companies in the demanding cruise ship industry, GDL provides solutions to the highest standard, continuously pursuing its most important mandate: customer satisfaction. GDL member companies are recognized as premier caterers to the needs of cruise liners, having a long history of providing services to the highly specialized cruise ship sector. Our large network of partners enables us to meet any request quickly and efficiently, from supplying any quantity of quality fresh or frozen produce to obtaining customs clearances, thus facilitating management of tasks on visiting cruise ships.

Cruise itinerary planning
Clearance in and out at anchorage or alongside
Baggage handling and storing
Crew changes
Customs clearance and forwarding
Storage facilities - logistics
Cruise ship ground handling
Tour operator representation
Individual and group travel
Shore excursions
Meet and greet
Check in
Reservations management
Pre and post cruise packages


GDL, Str. Belsugului No.7, Constanta, 900206, Romania
+40 341 88 00 11
+40 341 88 00 13


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