Aircraft Ground Handling Services

Aircraft Ground Handling Services


Passenger Services

§         Incoming passenger acceptance, guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit,

§         Lost, damaged and transfer luggage processes for incoming passengers

§         Outgoing passenger acceptance for flight and luggage processing.

§         Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft.

§         Incoming and outgoing VIP, and passengers with special needs.



Ramp Services

§         Meeting and marshalling the aircraft

§         Offloading and loading

§         Equipment supply,

§         Provision of Ground Power Unit, Air Condition Unit and Aircraft Push-Back Tractor services

§         Interior cleaning


GDL, Str. Belsugului No.7, Constanta, 900206, Romania
+40 341 88 00 11
+40 341 88 00 13


Available upon request

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