GDL offers a one-stop shop for the supply of all grades of fuels and lub oils. Its top priority is to offer cost-efficient and timely deliveries, offering its customers security and peace of mind so far access to quality fuels and adherence to strict safety procedures is concerned.

GDL's network of highly trained professionals has an outstanding record of quick fueling and avoiding costly delays and is on call 24/7/365.

Marine distillate fuels
Marine residual fuels
Premium and intermediate grade marine bunker fuel
Premium and intermediate marine lubricants
Bunker fuel testing
Bunker quantity survey
Mooring and oil berth locations and layouts
Security measures and restrictions around terminals
Loading / discharging attendance
Oil environmental


GDL, Str. Belsugului No.7, Constanta, 900206, Romania
+40 341 88 00 11
+40 341 88 00 13


Available upon request

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