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Cargo Services


Operating from major ports worldwide, the GDL cargo services offer value for money, unlimited flexibility and formidable consistency. GDL has developed a strong network across the globe delivering tailored service solutions to match customers’ specific needs and ensuring safe and efficient cargo shipping.

GDL ensures that the condition of the carrier is suitable for the shipment of the cargo. In addition, GDL inspectors are present during loading and unloading in order to identify any problems that might affect the cargo during shipment and ensure they are addressed on time. GDL’s approach is geared towards making the operations’ process more straightforward and hassle-free.

Cargo services GDL is able to provide include among others the following:

Cargo documents issuance
Cargo supervision
Cargo inspection
Cargo measurement
Cargo quantity checking
Cargo damage reporting
Rejected cargo follow-up
Cargo risk and liability services
Cargo loss prevention
Cargo insurance
Claims handling
Cargo release against Bill of Lading
Cargo survey coordination
Cargo additive treatment
Repack of dangerous waste and products
Tally supervision/verification
Ship-to-ship transfer
Pre-cargo transfer safety and operation including checklists



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