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GDL GROUP| Supply Management

Supply Management


GDL’s large network of agents has a long history of providing a diverse array of common and specialty supplies to vessels. Committed to delivering value to its customers, GDL sets up efficient, well-oiled supply chains that deliver ship supplies on site, cost-effectively and on time. As a result GDL is in a position to serve its customers when they find themselves in need of both standard and critical materials.

In addition, GDL has a comprehensive inventory of proprietary high quality marine products but also maintains solid relationships with many suppliers, manufacturers and service partners across the world, thus delivering a wide range of quality marine products from leading, well-known brands.

Supply management services GDL is able to provide include among others the following:

Ship’s supply (provision, freshwater, bonded stores etc.)
Clearance and delivery services (cash to master, spares, mail)
Supervision of complex supply chains on operational levels
Mediation and orchestration of supplier/partner interactions
Invoice control and mediation
Sourcing contracts and other purchasing decisions
Quality audits
Garbage and Waste oil disposal services
Coordination of fresh water
Ship ballast and potable water testing
Personnel protective equipment and firefighting equipment
Supply of spares
Supply of tugboats and barges (bunker, water and flat top) / supply boats / crew boats
Direct shipping
Organizational strategy and supply strategy alignment
Car services



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